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Sales vs. Lead Generation Jobs

These days, when someone talks about sales we hear them speak about lead generation. Most of the times even recruiters target sales professionals for lead generation roles. But is lead generation really sales or how much of it is really sales?
Today, I would like to clear the common question that comes in your mind is Lead Generation and Sales the same thing? Answer to it is, No absolutely not!!

Here are 3 important points that will help you understand the difference:

Purpose of the role

Lead Generation Professionals: These professionals only focus on creating an initial impact for qualifying a lead to process further.

Sales Professionals: These professionals have to work on the leads from start to finish and also ensure a great after sales customer services.

The Brighter you are, the more you have to learn
– Don Herold

How does your organisation see you?

Lead Generation Professionals: To be precise, your job is replaceable and does not add much value to the system. It does not mean that this role is not important, but not impossible. So if you really want to pursue your career in sales avoid this role as much as you can.

Sales Professionals: Business Development professionals are the ones who bring in money for an organization and they have complete dominance in the function that they undergo, thus companies value them as they are the people who build strong relationships with the clients.

What is in it or you?

Lead Generation Professionals: Making easy money is the perks to it, as in lead generation it is not their concern whether the prospect buys or not. So learning is completely nil here.

Sales Professionals: Definitely you make more money than that of a lead generation specialist, and the learning and challenges that you face are in abundance, So your growth can not only be defined in a monetary terms but also you would be able to build a great relationship with clients that will help you increase your market value and status. So my dear friends do not make hasty decisions in life. Only if you are out of options then go ahead with what you have. My best advice is at least try to find a core sales job, if you fail once at least you would not have any regret!

I am looking forward to hear from you guys, your comments, and suggestions. If you find this article helpful please feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues or anyone who would be looking out for such information.